Lectures, Debates, Live and Relive Presentations

Welcome to Athens Shoulder Course!

A course that is open to everyone; orthopaedic surgeons, residents, fellows, physiotherapists, with a special interest to the Shoulder. This 4-day course includes lectures by leading shoulder surgeons from all over the world on all hot topics and controversies related to both open and arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Adding relive surgeries, technical videos, debates, mini-battles, interactive challenges and workshops, we are having a 360 degrees approach to shoulder pathology, management and rehabilitation. Moreover by practicing, preselected by each participant, modern, cutting-edge techniques on cadaver specimens, the educational experience  is completed.

We do expect all participants to get familiar with the indications of all methods used, to learn the tips and tricks of how to do it right and then perform each technique under expert guidance.

Our ultimate goal is to bring in contact orthopaedic surgeons from all over the world in order to share their knowledge and experience, to discover common pathways, innovative ideas and creative solutions to common everyday problems. In addition, we establish a common language and communication with our physiotherapists, explaining the modern surgical techniques whilst learning from them the art of rehabilitation. Teaching and being taught, we can improve our results considering our common aim: our patients’ return to an active and fulfilling life.

Manos Antonogiannakis,
Course Chairman Antonogiannakis, Course Chairman

Faculty Members

Cadaver Instructors

International Participants


Lectures & ReLive Surgeries

Lectures & Relive Surgery procedures will be given in Athens International Conference Center, in Megaron, laying emphasis on all current concepts and controversies related to both open and arthroscopic shoulder surgeries.  

Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall Vas. Sofias Avenue, 115 21

Cadaver Specimens & Workshops

Participants at ATT Center will learn a step-by-step approach to performing Shoulder Arthroscopy, Shoulder Arthroplasty as well as Shoulder Ultrasound examination and evaluation.

ATT Center Sorou 35, Marousi 151 25

“I had a long journey coming to Athens Shoulder Course but totally worth it! So many good surgeons from around the world willing to share their experience and teach us their tips and tricks. So happy I made the decision to come. Thank you.”

Shafik Mohamed Ali

Participant, Dubai

“Thank you very much for organising such an excellent course! I had a great time and will be sure, to keep in contact with your great Greek lecturers! Besides speakers’ really high level, what I consider as a plus, is the impeccable scientific program.”

Miha Ambrožič

Participant, Ljubljana

“I’m very happy to attend this interesting course! It’s superbly organised both scientifically and technically. I’m very impressed by the staff altogether and also very impressed of the quality of the presentations and the number of faculty available.”

Tom Clement Ludvigsen

Guest Speaker, Norway

“I was really impressed with the level of the Athens Shoulder Course 2018! Having the opportunity to learn from European shoulder gurus in such hospitable conditions was an absolute great experience for me! I definately recommend it!”

Volodymyr Grygorovskyy

Participant, Ukraine


Scientific Coordination

3rd Orthopaedic Department
Hygeia Hospital
Erythrou Stavrou 5,  Marousi,
Athens, Greece
+30 210 6549044

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Maroussi-Athens, Greece
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