Special Physiotherapists' Workshop

2019 was the first year to host a Special Physiotherapists’ Workshop alongside the 3rd Athens Shoulder Course. This year in the ATTC (Anatomy Techniques & Training Center), experienced physiotherapists and shoulder surgeons from around Europe will be there to discuss all current concepts and controversies related to shoulder evaluation and treatment issues.


Some of the topics discussed are:
General Shoulder Topics
Shoulder Instability
The Stiff Shoulder
Rotator Cuff Tears
The Arthritic Shoulder
Shoulder Rehabilitation


*All registered Course Physiotherapists can attend ASC theoretical part free of charge.

Course Venue

📍 ATTC (Anatomy Techniques and Training Center), 35 Sorou str. Maroussi-Athens


Scientific Coordination

3rd Orthopaedic Department
Hygeia Hospital
Erythrou Stavrou 5,  Marousi,
Athens, Greece
+30 210 6549044

Practical & Registration Information

CONCO Meetings & Events
Acadimias 43, 10672
Athens, Greece
+ 30 211 2120594